• Pearl S. Buck
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Our health program services, on average, are utilized by about a 100 families yearly. During summer retreats we also provide free medical examinations and check-ups. 7 hospitals, including the Seoul Asan Hospital, provide medical examination and treatment free of charge to low-income, multicultural families. Our program continues to receive excellent reviews. more
Our education program provides educational scholarships to children, so that they do not miss out on an opportunity for an education due to social or financial difficulties. In addition to monetary amounts, given as educational scholarships and special education expenses, we also provide English lessons taught by native speakers, Korean Language instruction for children in multicultural families, and community educational support services. more
A major problem that children of dual-ethnic backgrounds, in Korea, face is financial difficulty. Although it cannot heal the wounds caused by the reactions of Korea’s homogenous society, Pearl S. Buck's monetary aid does alleviate, to a certain extent, the pain caused by societal disadvantage. It supplements the cost of living for families of extreme poverty, and aids in job training. more
PSBFK strives to protect children from Korea’s obsession with "pure bloodlines" and conformity through various psycho-social programs. It is the role of all of us to provide a safe environment for identity development for children who are Korean regardless of their physical appearance and/or dual-ethnicity. Psycho-social programs include our annual summer retreat, Children's Day festivals, Christmas Celebration, diverse cultural experiences, parent education, the Fatherland Tour, farming experiences, and special birthday celebrations. more